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This project deals with the refreshing and restyling the administration section in Textpattern, using semantic and clean code. The objective of this is to make the Textpattern user's experience generally better where he/she will inherently spend most of his/her time working on his/her site.

Think: incremental improvements, not radical overhaul And: "Give us the tools to help ourselves"


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(suggested approach)

Current project

Rework the admin into valid, semantic markup with hooks for CSS and DOM scripting

Next steps:

  • Establish a group of interested parties (done, but your still very welcome to sign-up! - see 'Working Group' below)
  • Get input on project from the developers
  • Discuss and agree naming conventions, document here on the wiki
  • Assign screens/elements to working group
  • Working group to post markup examples on forum for agreement, document agreed examples here on the wiki
  • Combine markup examples into linked static HTML prototype
  • Develop the CSS
  • Debug like crazy
  • Pass final markup+CSS to dev team for working into Crockery

Further development:

  • Document feature ideas/requests
  • Discuss & prioritse
  • Choose one and implement
  • Rinse and repeat :)

Working Documents

Current project

Further development

Working Group

Add your name here if you can help out with any of the following:


Your forum name, email:

  • hazel - office [at]
  • Ace of Dubs - steven [at]
  • Jakob - jakob_r [at]
  • rloaderro - support [at]


Your forum name, which platform/browsers:

  • hazel - OSX (Firefox, Safari)
  • Ace of Dubs - OSX (Firefox, Safari, Omniweb, Opera) Virtual PC (IE 6)
  • Jakob - OS-X & WinXP

Browser support / debugging

The browser's we are aiming to support (credit to jm):

  • IE5.5+ (probably the greatest no. of users for client sites)
  • Firefox 1.5+
  • Safari 1.0
  • Opera 8.5+

One advantage of developing the static HTML version first (see Methodology, above) is we could check things with, even accross 'rare' stuff e.g. Konqueror etc.


This will fit in to a larger section at some point, but it's here at the moment :) (Flick has a policy ('NIPSA') of not showing 'non-photographic' images in public areas (e.g. like these groups). You need to be signed in with a Flickr account and join the group to see the images, sorry)


These lists collect some useful reading:

Semantic XHTML / CSS naming conventions

CMS best practice

Similar projects

General software development

Translations [?]