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Attention: Documentation is eventually moving from MediaWiki to a Textpattern installation. We are no longer giving user accounts in the wiki. Likewise, all translation efforts should stop. Translated documentation will not migrate to the new platform. If you have been working on translated documentation, you are encouraged to port your community's documentation efforts elsewhere. If you have questions on this or about docs in general, ask them in Textpattern’s sites/social channels forum.



Textpattern installation in a hand basket:


Site administration is power to unveil.

  • Administration workflow — Journey through a contextual workflow as if setting up an actual site. Not every feature, just orientation and links to deeper learning.
  • Admin-side — Organisation of the administration side Textpattern, with complete details of every feature in each panel.

Tag reference

If you can use HTML, you can use these Tags.

Top 10 tutorials

Something for every skill level.

  • Top 10 Tutorials — The most common post-installation developments to help you establish your baseline site.
  • TXP Tips — Community tip and tricks for when you're ready to learn more. Lots of advanced Tag techniques.

Create themes

Textpattern is a canvas. You're the artist.


Develop the next must-have plugins...
Plugin development 1-2-3


"Frequently asked questions" does not mean "everything you can possibly imagine". That's what the rest of this user manual is for. These are only the top FAQs. Please keep these short, sweet, and thus helpful.

Textpattern FAQs


We sometimes use the wiki for brainstorming and sharing. Bring your brain and your contributions.

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