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Read the Plugin Archive Instructions before editing tables! Please be attentive and edit tables carefully, mind HTML classes and wiki syntax. If you add a plugin record to any table below, make sure you also add the record to the Plugins Grouped by Purpose as well. When ready to upload your file(s), go here (.txt and .zip only).

Alternating row colors is handled by the row classes "eveno" and "oddo" accordingly. As tables get longer, rather than try and change a whole bunch of row classes to retain the zebra stripes, simply add in a blank row with the corresponding class and someone else can use it to fill in another plugin's details later. The "man" link stands for manage, and it's the page where you can manage the version file in the wiki.

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A - D

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
ajw_clean_feed Andrew Waer Extends Atom & RSS functionality to allow for /clean/feed/urls 0.2 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 12789 ID# donate
ajw_comment_alt Andrew Waer Alternates output based on even- or odd-numbered comments. 0.3 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 6913 312 donate
ajw_comments-feed Andrew Waer Extends Textpattern's RSS & Atom functionality to allow for sitewide, section, category, or article comments feeds. 0.5 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 12660 642 donate
ako_boxover Adrian Kostrubiak Bringing the Boxover Tooltips script to Textpattern. 0.3 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 15784 594 donate
ako_ifBrowser Adrian Kostrubiak Conditionally include enclosed text based on the user agent of the browser viewing the page. 0.2 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 11222 467 donate
ako_nav Adrian Kostrubiak A Dynamic Navigation System 0.9.1 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 8522 158 donate
ako_spellCheker Adrian Kostrubiak This plugin adds a useful spell checker (the Speller Pages script) to the write tab. 0.2 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 16227 604 donate
ako_syntax Adrian Kostrubiak Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML 0.1 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 17287 633 donate
ako_write_page_email Adrian Kostrubiak Add a little link to the email tagbuilder on the write page of the TXP interface. 0.2 txt (man) no 4.0.4 (4.0.3?) yes 18797 665 donate
ako_youtube Adrian Kostrubiak Easily embed YouTube videos into your TXP site. 0.2.1 txt (man) no 4.0.3 yes 18700 660 donate
asy_jpcache Sencer Yurdagül Plugin that enhances speed of your web site and reduces server work by allowing cache of complete pages (including your feeds). If you want to cache partial pages to retain some dynamic parts then check out zem_cache instead which is perfect for that. 0.9.8 no zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 8352 ID# donate
bas_flvplayer Bastian Sackermann Allows you to stream .flv videos in Txp. 0.2 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 12844 517 donate
bas_emff Bastian Sackermann Allows you to stream .mp3 files in Txp. Works in conjunction with the easy musicplayer for Flash by Marc Reichelt, which is already included with this zipped archive. 0.4 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 10071 516 donate
cbs_live_search Christophe Beyls Displays a search box similarly to <txp:search input />. If Javascript is enabled, a results list will fade in and resize in real-time in AJAX style under the search box with a nice animation effect as the user types his query in it. And more... 0.3 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 17395 634 donate

E - H

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
etz_striptags Etz Haim Strips HTML tags that Textpattern automatically adds around content output, such as paragraph (p) tags around comment paragraphs. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 8255 ID# donate
fpx_image_import Dirk Steins Allows multiple image additions to Textpattern in batch style, and includes a useful admin interface as well. 0.3 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 16040 ID# donate
gbp_permanent_links Graeme Porteous Custom, user defined, permanent links rules. 0.7 See forum thread. -- 4.0.3 - 4.0.4 yes 18918 ID# donate
hpw_admincss Adrian Duffell Customize the presentation of admin side. Code is stored in database so does not require core file updates with each new upgrade. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 9306 ID# donate

I - L

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
ied_doArticle Yuriy Linnyk Allows inserting any piece of an article (title, body, excerpt, etc.) by article's ID any where in your site outside of Textpattern's native influence. 0.2.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 14322 ID# donate
ied_hide_in_admin Yuriy Linnyk Gives you control over what certain user levels see in the Write and Users tab and the “inner” part of the Image tab. Also provides ability to make the Textile Help, Advanced Options and Recent Articles sections in the Write panel to be fully exteneded (revealed) by default. 0.1.5 txt (man) -- 4.0.4 yes 17698 ID# donate
ied_plugin_composer Yuriy Linnyk Create new plugins right in the admin interface. Edit any plugin data. List and edit files in plugin_cache_dir. Publish plugins by saving .txt file or copying code for distribution. Export plugin from database to .php file. Import plugin from .php file into database. 0.4 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 14898 ID# donate
ign_password_protect Jeremy Amos Provides a variety of password protection (password-only access) to site regions and content from the front end. 0.4.2d txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 8799 ID# donate
jnm_audio Juanjo Navarro Inserts an mp3 audio player (flash) in your pages and articles. Requires the audio_player files which are included in the zip. 0.2 in zip zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 16191 ID# donate

M - P

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
mcw_templates Mike West Allows you to export pages, styles, and forms to an external location to edit in editor of your choice, then reimport again into Textpattern. 0.2 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 15857 ID# donate
. . . n.n ./. -- 4.0.4 . . ID# donate
mdp_calendar Marshall (Last?) Allows you to create a calendar of live articles for a certain month. The calendar itself is a small table of dates and links to the articles. Different months can be navigated to by the user, or only a particular month can be shown. Both a large version of the calendar, which links to all articles, and a more compact version are available. 1.0 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 8383 ID# donate
mem_imdb_votes Michael Manfre Allows you to integrate an IMDB movie voting feature into your site. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 17474 ID# donate
mrw_spamkeywords_urlcount Brian Warren Helps control comment spam by checking if there are more than a set number of links in a comment submitted to your site. If so, prevents the comment from being published but rather moves it to moderation. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes  ?? ID# donate
mtp_subsections Matt Plummer Allows you to create subsections, much like Txp's model for handling parented categories. 0.1a txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 17573 ID# donate
pap_contact_cleaner Richard "Tranquillo" ?? Helps keep spam efforts blocked in your contact forms. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes  ?? ID# donate
pap_moderate_comments Richard "Tranquillo" ?? Allows you moderate comments per section or article category; only works in Textpattern 4.0.3, as it uses the new event. 0.3 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 14012 ID# donate
pap_printer_friendly Richard "Tranquillo" ?? Used on an individual article page to display a link to the printer friendly version of the article using the corresponding stylesheet. 0.2 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 14931 ID# donate
pap_xpoll Richard "Tranquillo" ?? Is based on X-poll by X-scripts. Version 0.2 is a testversion. You can still download Version 0.1 at my site or see link in docs here. 0.2 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 9017 ID# donate

Q - T

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
rss_admin_db_manager Rob Sable Gives you full control over your Txp database, like a lightweight replacement for phpMyAdmin. It adds 3 tabs to your admin interface and gives you the ability to do the following: 1) backup your database, 2) download your backups, 3) restore your backups, 4) view the disk space used by your database tables, 5) repair/optimize database tables, and 6) run SQL statements against your database. 4.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.4 yes 10395 ID# donate
rss_admin_resize Rob Sable The rss_admin_resize plugin allows you to customize the size of the primary textareas and input fields while editing articles, pages, styles and forms. 0.2 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 50160 ID# donate
rss_unlimited_categories Rob Sable The rss_unlimited_categories plugin enables you to assign an unlimited number of categories to an article so that you’re not limited to the default number allowed by Textpattern (2). 0.3 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 14168 ID# donate
sed_plugin_help_viewer Steve Dickinson Substantially simplifies the workflow of creating a plugin help file. 0.2 txt (man) zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 16473 ID# donate

U - W

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
upm_image Mary Fredborg More powerful image display. Requires Textpattern 4.0.3 or newer. 0.4.3 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 15978 ID# donate
upm_image_popper Mary Fredborg Minimal image selector. Requires Textpattern 4.0.3. 1.1 no -- 4.0.3 yes 8563 ID# donate
vdh_flickr Ralph von der Heyden Integrates your flickr photo sets into your Textpattern interface. 0.8.7 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 7030 ID# donate
wet_if_page Robert Wetzlmayr Conditionally tests for the current page number being member of a list. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 16601 ID# donate
wet_thumbfilter Robert Wetzlmayr Displays the thumbnail for articles' images meeting various filter criteria with an optional link to the articles. 0.4 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 13353 ID# donate
wlk_mp Walker Hamilton Creates magazine-style image output. 0.5 -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 17416 ID# donate

X - Z

Name Author Description Current Docs Thread .org PayPal
v # txt zip compatibility
zem_article_image Alex Shiels Similar to <txp:article_image />, except it supports multiple images per article. The article image field must contain one or more numeric image IDs separated by commas. See docs for more. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 3112 ID# donate
zem_contact_reborn community A rebirth of the original zem_contact with some (or many) changes. The reborn version now requires zem_contact_lang (which is included in this zip package), and works nicely with pap_contact_cleaner, which is a nice little spam-prevention aide you can get elsewhere in the archive. -- zip (man) 4.0.3 yes 13416 ID# donate
zem_popup_cat Alex Shiels A context-sensitive popup category list for Textpattern, shows only categories associated with the current section. 0.1 txt (man) -- 4.0.3 yes 2862 ID# donate
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